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Drowning is the # 1 cause of accidental death in children ages one through four in the U.S. 1

Each year, thousands of children lose their lives to drowning and many more are hospitalized and go on to live a life with severe complications as a result of near drowning experiences. 2


70% of preschoolers who drown are in the care of ONE or BOTH parents at the time of drowning. 


Our mission is to prevent childhood drowning through water safety education and scholarships for self rescue type swim lessons.

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Layers of protection that begin with constant supervision by an adult can help decrease these tragedies. When  layers fail and children find their way to the water unsupervised, research shows that survival swim instruction (the skill of rolling back and floating) is effective in providing children the skills necessary to save themselves in an aquatic emergency.

Visit our national project, Parents Preventing Childhood Drowning, and our Water Safety Page for more information and a list of the many layers of protection. 

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At Swim Safe Forever, we love the opportunity to educate our community about water safety. We never want to hear the words "I didn't know" from any parent ever again.  


Please help us spread the message of water safety to save the lives of children in your community. If you would like to schedule a Swim Safe Forever educator to talk to a group about water safety or request attendance at a community event, please contact


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