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SSF Creation

Swim Safe Forever began when the parents of Elliot Barbier shared their story of losing their son to drowning with a room full of swim instructors. His parents passed out baby blankets embroidered with an image of Elliot holding a blankie. We left that night holding this baby blanket, feeling a sense of urgency to do something more to prevent childhood drowning in Brevard County, Florida. No parent should be left grieving, saying, "We didn't know."  Too many parents do not know that drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children ages 1 -4, and parents do not know the many of the layers of protection to prevent drowning. 

We decided to find a method to provide scholarships for self-rescue-type swim lessons in Brevard County, FL. But that was not enough, we needed to go one step further. We needed to educate our community and become more involved.


Childhood drowning is a community epidemic and needs to be solved as a community.  Since our first "Awareness Walk", we have been heavily involved in Brevard County.  We have since opened chapters in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, and Northwest Houston.   


In 2022, we made the decision to change our organization's bylaws, allowing us to provide survival swimming lesson scholarships around the United States.

We work with other nonprofits with similar missions nationally to prevent childhood drowning through education with the project "Parents Preventing Childhood Drowning."

Our Board of Directors is made up of community leaders who have a passion for keeping children safe.

Ms. Jennifer Bennett

Vice president

Dr. Heather McCrackin


Ms. Rosemary Winn


Mr. Adam Bennett

Board Members
Ms. Briana Craycroft

Dr. Heather McCrackin

Philip McCrackin

Ms. Jenny Bennett, Parents Preventing Childhood Drowning

We always welcome new members to join our organization and our mission! If you have a passion for keeping children safe and would like to put that passion to work in our community, please contact



Swim Safe Forever


Swim Safe Forever





Meet The Team

Meet The Officers


Jenny Bennett

In 2016, I lost my toddler son to drowning. It has been the hardest thing I have ever gone through. I want to help prevent other parents from making the same mistakes we did so they do not have to suffer this tragedy.

I did not know about survival swimming lessons or layers of protection. Our focus at Swim safe Forever is to educate about drowning prevention with the above focused. And to help people afford high quality swimming lessons as needed.

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Heather McCrackin


Rosemary Winn

My Name is Rosemary Winn, swim instructor with Swim Safe Now. I chose to become an instructor after putting my own children through survival swim lessons and learning about the importance of water safety and education.

I learned about Swim Safe Forever and Parents Preventing Childhood Drowning through our
local community. Now, as a member of this amazing organization, I strive to help more families
across our nation.


Adam Bennett

My name is Adam Bennett.

We lost our son Jackson to drowning at 18 months old. We didn't know anything about drowning prevention, other than watch your children around the water. Jackson drowned during a non-swim time which we discovered is how over 2/3rds of young children drown. 

If Jackson would have taken survival swimming lessons, he could still be here with us today. I want every parent to know about these types of lessons and other methods to prevent drowning so they do not have to experience this loss.

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