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We at Swim Safe Forever know that what is best for our children is not always possible within our budget. In an effort to provide more children in our community the gift of survival, Swim Safe Forever is pleased to provide partial scholarships for survival swim lessons based on financial need. 

Financial need is determined by family income in association with federal poverty guidelines. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please click here or click the scholarship button below. If you have any questions regarding the scholarship form, please email

A scholarship committee member will review your scholarship and determine your eligibility for assistance. You and your instructor will be notified of the scholarship amount for which you qualify and he or she will decrease your weekly lessons fees by the scholarship amount. Upon successful completion of lessons along with submission of your parent testimonial and a photo of your child floating, your instructor will receive direct reimbursement for the amount of your scholarship.

Please note, in an effort to ensure that your child is receiving effective survival swim lessons, only instructors who have been established as approved service providers will be eligible for this scholarship program regardless of the financial eligibility of the requesting family. If you need to find an instructor, please contact us at with your desired lesson location, and we will be happy to give you the contact information for instructors in your area utilizing the scholarship program.


Donate to the Scholarship Program for survival swim lessons across the United States

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